Helping Investors Gain Some Predictability with Our Active, Disciplined Approach

What can you do to help manage your wealth for the long term to reach your goals? How can we help to preserve and grow capital and avoid downside risk?

We have developed what we feel is a unique systematic planning and investment management strategy.

Using the Active Portfolio Management system and a Trend Following Investment Strategy to Help You Reach Your Goals

We believe there is a viable alternative to the buy and hold strategy, which is clearly not working for many who need to protect and grow their retirement assets over the next decade or two.

It works from a few simple concepts of investing with the trends.

The daily movements of the markets creates patterns called trends. These trends can be either short or long-term in nature. Our goal is to utilize Active Portfolio Management and participate in the markets as they go up and stay on the sidelines as they go down.

We have created different model portfolios through World Wide Fund Management. These funds are designed for diversification and different investing styles depending on your objectives.

Our goals are your goals. Investments made in the World Wide Fund Management group are the same funds that hold our personal investments. We are therefore 100% aligned with our clients. Whatever success we bring to you is reflected in our personal accounts as well. Client trades always precede trades for the Investment Advisors' personal account.

For more about our process for bringing these investment strategies to you to help you own the right investments for today, and moving forward, click here.

  • Growth Portfolios...This may be suitable for long-term investors whose goal is maximum capital appreciation and capital gains. The portfolio generally contains medium volatility growth and value mutual funds in a well diversified global investment mix of funds. TYPE OF INVESTMENTS: Growth, Value, Mid Cap, Small Cap, & International Funds.

  • Blended Portfolios...This portfolio is designed for investors who are generally within 10 years of retirement. The managed portfolio is concentrated in investments that contain a combination of conservative and growth funds which seek a balance of growth and income in long-term investments. You are moderately concerned about safety of principal. TYPE OF INVESTMENTS: Moderate Growth/Value, Growth & Income, Balanced, and High Yield Bond Funds.

  • Conservative Portfolios...This portfolio is preferred by conservative clients who rely on their investments for income. The portfolio emphasizes income and capital preservation utilizing fixed-income bond and low-volatility stock income funds. Your dividends or interest income may be distributed or reinvested. TYPE OF INVESTMENTS: Corporate, High-Yield, Emerging Market, and Government Bond Funds.

  • Ultra Conservative Portfolios...This offers an opportunity to achieve enhanced returns over money market funds and certificates of deposit. This investment utilizes high-grade, low risk, low-volatility bond funds. Your dividends or interest income may be distributed or reinvested. TYPE OF INVESTMENTS: Corporate, Floating Rate, Inflation Adjusted, and Government Bond Funds.
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"Active Portfolio Management for Building Wealth"

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