Investment Management Process Detail

A Powerful Four-Step Process to Help You Weather the Unknowns Ahead

Our client engagement process encompasses four time-tested steps that can make an impact on your financial future.

Step 1 - Consult with You on Your Current Situation and Goals

The goal of the first step is to really get to know you and your current situation. We discover where you are heading and help you plan for your goals, dreams and desires.

We ask about your family and your family's needs now as well as in the future. In addition, we find out about future needs for retirement.

This is an important step to make sure we have the bases covered when it comes to financial review and retirement planning. When it comes time to set our strategy and build our growth and income tactics, it guides us to invest with your true goals in mind.

Step 2 - Calculate your Needs and Target Growth and Income

This step continues to focus on you. We discuss key questions to lead to the portfolio construction. We ask you questions like:

  • How would you like your investment to behave?
  • How do you view risk?
  • How much risk do you wish to assume to achieve your goals?
We also get details concerning your specific growth and income needs. We discuss requirements for today and for the future.

In a perfect world you could achieve your goals without risk but unfortunately for most this isn't a perfect world. Therefore managing investment risk and protecting assets is the cornerstone of our investment process.

Step 3 - Categorize Investments in World Wide Fund Management to Diversify and utilize Active Portfolio Management to create Disciplined Investing and Gain Some Predictability

The next step involves determining the initial investment mix of your portfolio within World Wide Fund Management.

We build your portfolio from numerous indicators outlined above to identify the broad market trends. Our indicators help us ride the trends when they are favorable and stay on the sidelines when they are not.

We construct portfolios that plan for clients' goals and design them within the clients' acceptable risk parameters. Depending on your objectives, if they are growth, income, legacy, or a combination, the portfolio is built for diversification and in accordance with your objectives.

Once we have put your money to work in the appropriate investments it is time to monitor your portfolio, the greater economic conditions, and the market trends.

Step 4 - Communicate as the Markets Change and Your Personal, Financial Situation Changes

To reach your long-term goals, it is not good enough to stop after applying the investment management processes mentioned above. We actively strive to meet on a regular basis to determine whether anything has changed in your financial or personal life.

In addition, we want to measure progress to determine if we are on track; to address current issues in the economy; or to discuss year-end tax planning strategies. Each and every client's concerns and issues are different and only through meeting at regular intervals can we assist clients in addressing the important issues that affect their financial future.

We also utilize our monthly email-based Investment Hotline newsletter to share our current market views and portfolio updates. You'll be notified about portfolio alignments as they are made.

These steps reveal how we work to understand you and your objectives and stay current with them. We also seek to identify relatively strong assets classes, sectors, and investments to better position our clients' money. And, we stay current with market movements, technical analysis, and changes in your life so your strategy is optimized on an ongoing basis.

Taking the Next Step to Preserving Wealth and Your Own Roadmap to Financial Success

To help you discover how you can benefit from the systematic investment planning strategies outlined here and see if we can meet your expectations, DJB Financial offers a no-obligation, personal introduction to our strategies called our Portfolio Investment Review.

Contact us here to obtain more information and request a complimentary, no-obligation Portfolio Investment Review and Consultation.


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